IT and Multimedia

The School offers Information Technology across the gamut of IT activity, from hardware, to software, information management, and multimedia design. In the Computer Lab student to computer ratio is 1:1, enabling every student the opportunity of e-learning. Students can access the multi-media centre, enabled with multi-modal teaching and multi-sensory learning facilities. Slides and overhead projectors, sound and video systems and networked computers integrating sound, animation, text, graphics and images are available for the learning empowerment of every student.

This networked universe of multi-media will not only enable students become computer savvy but teach them programming skills and other abilities that are a must in the Information Age.

The concept of “Paper Less Administration” at Ebenezer International School is not a dream but a reality. The functioning of the entire academic and administration are carried out by using a highly sophisticated School Management Software.

Smart class is transforming the way lessons are taught in schools. It is a new age technology movement that is fast becoming an essential for schools. By the introduction of Smart Class, learning has taken a new dimension in our School. The visual impact is long lasting and confusing concepts are a cake walk today!