Parent Resource Team (PRT)

Parents are teachers too.  There is a world of difference in the child whose parents are actively involved in his/her learning and the child who is totally left alone.  It is difference not only in ability and in quality but also in attitude and self image.  A student’s best educational opportunities, future growth and a feeling of confidence depend entirely on the combined effort of parent, teacher and student.

It is believed that parent team vision also supports the institutional vision and aligns with other related teams.  It is also understood that one of the most challenging and fascinating tasks that teachers deal with on a regular basis is interacting with parents.  This may not be true of all parents, but there is always that parent who is a special challenge.  Maybe argumentative and aggressive but equally understanding and supportive.  They make us introspect ourselves and our abilities.

In order to figure out effective and appropriate ways to interact with the parents, Ebenezer International School constitutes “Parent Resource Team” every academic year.  This can enhance the level of trust and support that is imperative in building the needed Parent- School relationship which will also help all round development of the students.